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The mission of Route 1 is to

increase food access and decrease

the racial hunger divide by

empowering, encouraging, and

educating BIPOC farmers in



The vision of Route 1 is to increase

food access globally and eradicate,

dismantle and disrupt the inequity

and lack of representation within the

agricultural production, processing,

and food delivery system.

Route 1 Mission

Route 1 Mission

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Our Beliefs

Driven by the key values of inclusion, integrity, innovation, courage and community, Route 1 believes that if given the proper amount of support and resources, BIPOC emerging farmers can (a) run a profitable farm enterprise and (b) grow enough healthy, nutritious, and  culturally relevant food to feed their communities.  We also believe that there are significant health outcomes that can be positively influenced by ensuring that communities of color have access to regeneratively grown food sources.   Our work inspires us to introduce black and brown youth to regenerative agriculture and educational and career pathways in agricultural production and processing.  In Minnesota, there are over 112,000 farmers.  Only 1,587 are farmers of color. Equity in the agricultural system improves the overall sector, increases innovation, and can create a more robust and resilient economy for all Minnesotans

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With your help, we can increase food access and double

the number of BIPOC Farmers in Minnesota by 2030;

adding over 1,587 farmers to the State, sustaining over

360 jobs and generating approximately $35,666,238.*



                *University of Minnesota, 2019, FM360 The Farmer’s Market Metrics Project, 1/31/2023 <>

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