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Route 1 Produce

Hyper-local produce, picked and delivered at peak freshness

At our heart, we are farmers, inspired by the stories and memories passed down from founder Marcus Carpenter’s father and grandfather. Route 1 currently operates indoor and outdoor farms on two sites in the Twin Cities metro area.

Route 1 Farms
Loretto and Medina, MN

Sitting on 13 and 16 acres each, our farms in Medina and Loretto are the heart of our commercial and education offerings. Farmers who participate in our Emerging Farmers Institute receive access to land for their farming operations, along with equipment and distribution support. 


The Route 1 Farms are also a living classroom for our Seeds to Success Youth Academy, offering younger generations an inclusive, hands-on education about where their food comes from, combined with leadership and community engagement. 


Route 1
Container Farm

Medina, MN

Powered by Freight Farms, our hydroponic container farming operation can deliver more than 2 tons of consistent, high-quality produce in an environmentally controlled, converted 40' shipping container. This innovative platform allows us to grow produce that is:

  1. Hyper-Local: Same or next-day delivery
    for peak freshness and nutrition.

  2. Clean, Pesticide-Free & Food Safe: Not only will the greens be free of pesticides, herbicides, and waxes, but they’re also safe from disease.

  3. Longer Shelf Life: By harvesting and delivering the same day, we cut out the 1–2 weeks that produce typically spends in transit.

  4. Less Waste: Because our produce lasts longer, there’s less waste – of food, and of money.

  5. Available Year-Round: Consistently high-quality produce regardless of the season.

  6. Culturally Relevant: Flavor profiles and varieties that customers can’t find anywhere else.

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