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Emerging Farmers Institute

In the World of Farming, Knowledge and People are Power

The Route 1 Emerging Farmers Institute is offered at no cost to emerging farmers of all backgrounds and experience. It is designed to create connections and camaraderie, and to share resources with emerging farmers, with an emphasis on the challenges facing Black, Brown, and Indigenous farmers. 


This virtual, 10-week program offers the latest tools and information to empower farmers to grow better crops, grow their farm business, and provide nutritious, culturally relevant food to sustain their local communities. 

Now accepting applications for the 2024 Route 1 Emerging Farmers Institute

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your farming practice and join us in the movement towards a more equitable and sustainable agricultural future.

Wednesdays @ 6 p.m.

March 6 to May 8

Via Zoom

Designed by farmers, for farmers

The Route 1 Emerging Farmers Institute curriculum was developed with support from the Minnesota African Immigrant Farmers Association, MN Department of Agriculture and other organizations dedicated to advancing the viability of small farms.


The 10-week program covers:

  1. Strategic Farm Planning

  2. Intro to Soil Health

  3. Intro to Cover Crops

  4. Intro to Pest Control

  5. Market Preparation 

  6. Labor Help for Small Farmers

  7. Small Farm Financing

  8. Intro to Weed Control

  9. Intro to Farm Business Management/Insurance

  10. Mental Health for Emerging Farmers

Farmers who complete the 10-week course will receive access to the land on Route 1 farms to support their growing operations, an invitation to the Route 1 Farmers Market, where they can bring their products directly to those who need it most, and to Route 1's Market Development Services, supporting community distribution, chefs, restaurants, CSAs and commercial food services providers.

Emerging Farmers Institute Sponsors

The Route 1 Emerging Farmers Institute is made possible through generous support from:

Our Partners

The Route 1 Emerging Farmers Institute program was developed in partnership with:

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